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Our Staff - Rosedale Animal Hospital - Baltimore, MD 

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Christine, practice manager: Christine has worked at Rosedale since 2002 as both a veterinary assistant and occasional receptionist, yet her ability to multitask and act as a jill-of-all-trades made her an obvious choice to replace Barb as practice manager in 2021. While she often appears stoic, Christine is our resident prankster and keeps the whole staff on their toes! Featured in this photo is her American Bulldog, Candy. Although Candy has since crossed the rainbow bridge, Christine now shares her home with two perfect boxer pals, Biscuit and Cinnamon, and their feline friend Whiskers.

Eileen, head veterinary technician:

Eileen is a licensed technician and a 2000 Essex grad. She worked for many years with Dr. Ira Luskin, a veterinary dental specialist who was also the owner of Rosedale from 1984 to 2004. Along with her regular technical duties, Eileen is our dental whiz--she performs the majority of the dental cleanings and X-rays at the practice and her experience is invaluable. She makes your doggie and kittie mouths sparkle!! She's pictured with her boys Hudson (the liver Dalmatian) and Tucker. She says they're not quite as angelic as they seem!


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Barbara, veterinary receptionist: After enjoying years of performing the role of practice manager, Barb has since taken a well-deserved break and now graces our front lobby as a part-time receptionist. You'll often see her smiling face at the front desk ready to help out! Employed at the hospital since the fall of 1995, Barb is an invaluable resource and is committed to ensuring our patients (and their parents!) receive the best care possible. She enjoys her time off with her cats and her dogs Blue and Dixie. She's pictured with Shelby, the Golden Retriever happily snuggling with mom, unfortunately no longer with us but always remembered fondly.


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Beckie, veterinary receptionist:
 Beckie joined us at Rosedale in July 2020 and is known for her sweetness and positivity. She fancies herself a wine connoisseur and loves to garden and obsess over Star Wars in her leisure time. Beckie is a devoted mom to eight wonderful cats and even raised three of them as bottle babies -- no easy task! A fan of the outdoors, Beckie's fast becoming a familiar face behind the front desk. She is pictured with her lovable feline friend, Butterball.

Melissa, veterinary receptionist: Melissa joined Rosedale in the spring of 2015 after years of working for a medical answering service. That means she's used to taking calls from frantic clients and dealing with grumpy doctors, which helps her to maintain calm in any emergency. She's caught on to our routine at lightening speed, and we're lucky to have her with us. She's pictured with her adopted kitty George, and she also shares her home with George's brother Eddie as well as her energetic lab mix, Gracie!

Grace, veterinary assistant: Grace came on board in the summer of 2018 after several years working as a kennel assistant in another practice. She's pictured with her kitty Princess, who definitely considers herself royalty--she's untouchable! Grace also has two dogs, rabbits, a gerbil, spiders AND scorpions in her home and maintains a special affection for geriatric animals. Always upbeat and willing to learn, Grace is a pleasure to work with (and is currently applying to veterinary programs!). 

Michele, veterinary receptionist: Michele came to Rosedale in December 2017 after spending time in the human medical field. Caring, compassionate and with a wicked sense of humor, Michele especially enjoys interacting with both patients and their parents! She's holding Ada, a sweet young German Shepherd who shares her house along with a couple of Chihuahuas and a cat (and we know the little ones are in charge!). When she's off the clock, Michele prefers to spend quality time with her husband, children and grandchildren. Say hi to Michele next time you're in the clinic!  

Katelyn, veterinary assistant/receptionist: Katelyn joined Rosedale in November 2019 and quickly made herself at home. She's a full time biology major with a concentration in the functional biology of animals at Towson University and is currently applying to veterinary programs. Meanwhile, Katelyn keeps busy with her dog Willow (the gorgeous Pembroke Welsh Corgi pictured in her lap), along with two more dogs, five cats, eleven crested geckos, three turtles, a bearded dragon, a mouse and a snake. Whew--I get tired just listing them! In the fleeting moments of free time she carves out for herself, Katelyn also loves spending time with her boyfriend on his boat. Who doesn't love being out on the water?

Arianna, veterinary assistant: Arianna joined our team in January 2021 and dove in feet first! A lifelong shelter volunteer, equestrian and exotic reptile enthusiast, she was eager to begin a new career working towards becoming a licensed veterinary technician. Arianna maintains a diverse menagerie at home that includes a chihuahua dachshund mix (pictured), two pitbulls, a cat, nine snakes, an African spurred tortoise, a uromastyx, a bearded dragon, a black and white Argentine tegu, two tarantulas and a scorpion. When not wrangling her animal horde, Arianna enjoys hiking, rock climbing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, reading and dancing. 


Cierra ("Nellybug"), veterinary assistant: Cierra joined the practice in March 2021, making her one of the most recent members of our incredible team here at Rosedale. Known for her bubbly, energetic nature, Cierra is a pet mom to a cat named Chyna, as well as two dogs named Nikko (pictured) and Nellie and a variety of exotic freshwater fish. When not working hard at our hospital, she enjoys both knitting and riding ATVs. We're very lucky to have her!

Amanda, veterinary receptionist: Amanda became a member of our family in March 2021. Although she had previous professional history as a receptionist, this is her first time working in an animal hospital! Amanda is a devoted pet mom to two cats, Amber and Daisy, as well as her rescue dog Ben. She loves the outdoors and spends her leisure time hiking, fishing and riding four wheelers!

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Laura, veterinary technician:
Laura is a licensed veterinary technician who works part-time at Rosedale. She works full time for Dr. Ira Luskin, the former owner of Rosedale, at his dental specialty clinics. She keeps her hand in general medicine by helping us out on weekends and the occasional weekday, and her presence is always welcome. She lovingly remembers her dog Hank (pictured) and presently enjoys time with her cat York as well as her dog Beulah, a three legged rescue she adopted from our hospital in 2005.


Joanna, veterinary assistant/receptionist: Joanna also joined the practice in August of 2012 and won our hearts by adopting Patricia, a sweet kitten found wandering near the hospital by the Pat's Pizza deliveryman (thus her name!). We were all glad to welcome another sucker into our midst. Hardworking and eager to learn, Joanna is a wonderful addition to our staff. Although she's since dropped down to from full-time to part-time, you can still catch her at the hospital on weekends! Joanna is also an amazing baker and is eager to create her delicious confections for our staff members' birthdays.


Sharon, veterinary assistant: They leave and then they come back! Sharon worked at Rosedale over a decade ago and had to leave us when her full time job transferred her to Hawaii (yeah, it's a tough life). Back in town and now with her veterinary assistant certification, in fall of 2014 we were happy to welcome Sharon back home. She's pictured with Freddie Bat, a cat that she adopted from our hospital in 2006 who has since gone on to rule the roost in kitty heaven. 



Alyssa, veterinary assistant: Alyssa joined the Rosedale staff in the spring of 2016. Prior to joining us, Alyssa worked at a cat rescue! She currently balances her part-time work here with a full-time career in the business world. Enthusiastic and excited to learn, Alyssa is posing with her pup Asher, a rescue who got very lucky with his new mom. He looks almost as happy to be here as Alyssa does!