Rosedale Animal Hospital

7611 Philadelphia Road
Baltimore, MD 21237


Eileen, head veterinary technician:

Eileen is a licensed technician and a 2000 Essex grad. She worked for many years with Dr. Ira Luskin, a veterinary dental specialist who was also the owner of Rosedale from 1984 to 2004. Along with her regular technical duties, Eileen is our dental whiz--she performs the majority of the dental cleanings and X-rays at the practice and her experience is invaluable. She makes your doggie and kittie mouths sparkle!! She's pictured with her boys Hudson (the liver Dalmatian) and Tucker. She says they're not quite as angelic as they seem!


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Barbara, practice manager:
Barb is the person who makes Rosedale run. Employed at the hospital since the fall of 1995, she is responsible for keeping everything in the practice in good working order and all of us on our toes! You'll often see her smiling face at the front desk ready to help out. She enjoys her time off with her cats and her dogs Blue and Dixie. She's pictured with Shelby, the Golden Retriever happily snuggling with mom, unfortunately no longer with us but always remembered.

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 Morgan, veterinary assistant:
 Morgan joined us at Rosedale in January of 2017. Working full time and going to school, she amazes us with her hard work and good humor. She has worked as a veterinary receptionist in the past, but wanted to be more hands on with patients. She's pictured with Lady, one of the two Rottweilers that share her home, along with Mez the cat and Yonna the pug mix. With all those pets, school and work, Morgan is a busy woman!!

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Christine, veterinary assistant: Christine has worked at Rosedale since 2002 as  a veterinary assistant and occasional receptionist. Her ability to multitask and act as a jill-of-all-trades makes things go smoothly at the clinic. She shares this photo with her American Bulldog Candy, obviously enjoying the fruits of the cookie jar! Candy has crossed the rainbow bridge, but Christine still has her crazy Yorkie sister Cindy to play with.

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Laura, veterinary technician:
Laura is a licensed veterinary technician who works part-time at Rosedale. She works full time for Dr. Ira Luskin, the former owner of Rosedale, at his dental specialty clinics. She keeps her hand in general medicine by helping us out on weekends and the occasional weekday, and her presence is always welcome. She has two dogs, Hank (pictured) and Beulah, a three legged rescue dog she adopted from our hospital in 2005.





 Joanna, veterinary assistant: Joanna also joined the practice in August of 2012, and won our hearts by adopting Patricia, a sweet kitten found wandering near the hospital by the Pat's Pizza deliveryman (thus her name!). We were all glad to welcome another sucker into our midst. Hardworking and eager to learn, Joanna is a wonderful addition to our staff.





Sharon, veterinary assistant:They leave and then they come back! Sharon worked at Rosedale several years ago and had to leave us when her full time job transferred her to Hawaii (yeah, it's a tough life). Back in town and now with her veterinary assistant certification, in fall of 2014 we were happy to welcome Sharon back home. She's pictured with Freddie Bat, a cat that she adopted from our hospital in 2006. Don't tell her poodle Curley Joe, but Freddie says he rules the roost!



Melissa, veterinary receptionist: Melissa joined Rosedale in the spring of 2015, after years of working for a medical answering service. That means she's used to taking calls from frantic clients and dealing with grumpy doctors, which helps her to maintain calm in any emergency. She's caught on to our routine at lightening speed, and we're lucky to have her with us. She's pictured with one of our Adoption fund kitties, who is doing his level best to wrap her around his paw like everyone else already has been. Welcome to Rosedale Melissa!



Sarah, veterinary assistant: Sarah joined Rosedale in May of 2015. She's worked for a variety of veterinary hospitals in the past, and recently spent several years as a research assistant. She's back in the trenches now and we're happy to have her. Sarah is even happier to handle some cute pups and kittens! She's pictured with Bryan, her 7 year old Westie, who is in turn mesmerized by someone off camera. She also has Ralphie,an 8 year old dachshund mix, and Willie, a pastel ball python. Guess which one really guards the house!



Alyssa, veterinary assistant: Alyssa joined the Rosedale staff in the spring of 2016. She balances her duties here with her studies at CCBC Essex, where she hopes to enter the veterinary technician training program.  Prior to joining us, Alyssa worked in the cat rescue world. Enthusiastic and excited to learn, Alyssa is posing with her pup Asher, a rescue who got very lucky with his new mom. He looks almost as happy to be here as Alyssa does! We're thrilled to welcome Alyssa to the Rosedale family.


Candis, veterinary assistant/receptionist: Candis initially joined our staff in 2015,working as a veterinary assistant after years in the veterinary field. She left briefly to have a gorgeous baby, and is now back working as both an assistant and a receptionist. A jane of all trades, her upbeat attitude always leaves us smiling. She's pictured with Sonny, one of our kitty patients. Welcome back to Rosedale, Candis--we missed you!